A+ Essay on Holi in 555+ words | A Colorful Festive Season

A+ Essay on Holi in 555+ words | A Colorful Festive Season

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An Essay on Holi for kids in 150+ words

Holi is a festival of colours and we play lots of colours this day.
We can see ourselves around the colours this day.
It is a festival of two to three days.
Schools announce a vacation on this occasion.
Before the main celebration, we do Holika Dahan.
People burn effigy of demon holika as Holika Dahan.
Holika Dahan is a sign of victory over evil.
It is celebrated between February and March month.

kids enjoy this festival very much.
We splash coloured water and Gulaal on others.
I like to play with Pichkari and Balloons.
We dance on Bollywood songs and sing along.
No one gets angry at you for your actions.
We wear new clothes after playing and visit friend’s homes.
We eat a lot of sweets and dishes and Gujhiya.
We all experience this festival with our loved onesfamily, and friends.

An Essay on Holi in 200 to 300 words for classes 6 to 8

Essay on Holi


Essay on Holi- Holi festival is a grand celebration of Hindus in India But it is celebrated by all communities. This festival is also known as “The Festival Of colors” as we splash colored water, Gulal on friends and dear ones. Before the play of colors, A ritual called Holika Dahan takes place. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil.

People celebrate this festivity with great enthusiasm. This is not a sole day celebration. It is a two to a three-day festival. We celebrate this festival by throwing buckets of coloured water onto our friends, relatives, and everyone.

If we talk about the religious side of this celebration, it is celebrated in the memory of a great devotee of Lord Vishnu, Prahalad, who was escaped from burning to ashes when his aunt Holika tries to do that at the order of his father. His father wanted him not to worship Lord Vishnu. Holika Dahan is a representation of that event and as a sign of victory of good over evil.

Celebration of Holi:

Before the day of Holi, we start cleaning our houses and painting them. We dispose of all the scrap material, and trash items from our home. We all splash coloured water onto others and apply Gulaal on the cheeks of people. Children run around splattering watercolours using Pichkari’s. Similarly, even adults turn children on Holi. They dance during the day and drink a specific drink called the ‘Bhaang’.

After the celebration of colours, we dress well to visit our friends and dear one’s houses. We eat different types of delicacies like Gujiya, Mathri, and sweets. We hug each other with lots of love and forget every mistake done by anyone.


To sum it up, We can say that Holi is an extensively celebrated festival in India. It is one of the most influential festivals of Hinduism. This celebration is treated as a representation of victory over evil. It brings people close to one another.

An Elite Essay on Holi in 500 to 600 words for classes 9 to 12

Essay on Holi

Main Headings for this Essay on Holi

  1. Introduction
  2. Stories Behind This festival
  3. Rituals of Holi
  4. Holi celebration
  5. Significance of This Festival
  6. Final words

1. Introduction

The festival of Holi is also known as the festival of colours. It is one of the biggest festivals in India. This festival is celebrated with powerful excitement and zeal every year. This festival falls in the month of March (sometimes in February ). It is a Hindu festival but celebrated by all communities in India.

The festival of Holi is celebrated for two to three days. Holi is a festival in which we forget our enmities and enjoy the festival’s spirit. Holi is named the festival of colours because people play with colours and apply them to one another’s faces to get coloured in the spirit of the festival.

2. Stories Behind this festival

There are many stories behind the celebration of the Holi festival but mainly based on a legend king Hiranyakashyap. He had a son, Prahlad. Prahlad was the greatest devotee of Lord Vishnu. His father wanted to kill him, so he called his sister, Holika. She had the blessing of not being burnt into the fire.

Hiranyakashyap requested her to sit on a burning fire along with Prahlad thinking Prahlad would be burnt to death. But the outcome was the opposite of what the demon king intended. It is celebrated with colours to mark the victory of virtue and goodness over evil.

3. Rituals of Holi

This festival has a sequence of rituals that are followed by the Hindu community every year with great enthusiasm. This set of rituals includes preparation, Holika Dahan, the play of colours, and visiting houses of friends and loved ones.

Before the festival people start collecting wood for the burning of the bonfire called Holika at the main crossroads of the town. This assures that at the moment of the exact celebration an enormous pile of wood is collected. On the eve of Holi, Holika Dahan takes place. Effigy of Holika is placed on the collection of wood and burnt to ashes.

4. Holi celebration

The next day is absolutely the main day of playing colours. People take fantastic delight in sprinkling coloured water on each other by pichkaris or pouring containers of it. Playing Bollywood Holi numbers and dancing on the beat is also a part of the culture. Amidst all that, people enjoy gujhiya, mathri, malpuas, and other delicacies with immense joy.

After playing colours, people dress in ethnic wear and visit each other’s houses to greet them. A tradition of hugging each other is also a part of this fabulous festival. This festival brings people closer to each other be it friends or enemies.

5. Significance of This festival

Despite being such a colourful and interesting festival, there are multiple aspects of Holi that makes it so significant to our lives. Holi gets people close to each other and their religions. it brings happiness in life. A sense of unity is generated in the hearts of citizens. All the enemies come to an end turning into friendship and brotherhood.

The name ” the festival of colours” is well defined as it fills the people’s life with colours making it colourful. The entire country gets into a colourful texture.

6. Final words

To sum it up, Holi spreads love and joy. It brings peace and happiness to the country. Holi signifies the victory of good over evil. This colourful festival unites people and extracts all kinds of negativity from life. But on the other hand, a natural resource, water, is wasted at a large scale on this festivity, So this our duty to make people aware of and enjoy a nature-friendly festival.

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Why is Holi also known as the festival of colors?

It is also known as the festival of colors as we play with colors and apply colors onto each-other’s faces.

Is there any way to play an environment-friendly Holi?

Yes, It is very possible. We should use nature friendly colors and those are not harmful to skin and also for our nature. Additionally, we should not waste water.

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