A+ Essay On Nature in 555+ Words | The Excellent Creation

A+ Essay On Nature in 555+ Words | The Excellent Creation


1️⃣ Essay for kids for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 1.6 Minutes
2️⃣ Essay on Nature for Class 6, 7, 8. 3.3 Minutes
3️⃣ Long essay composition for the higher class like 9, 10, 11, 12. 5.7 Minutes

An Essay On Nature for kids in class 1 to 5

Nature is a beautiful gift from God.
Whatever you see around yourself is a part of nature.
There are only two types of things in the world.
The first things are made by humans and the others are not made by humans.
Things that can not be made by humans are natural things.
All the living things, animals, humans, sun, moon, mountains etc,
Nature is a set of these natural things together.
Nature is something that makes life possible on earth.

We can not live for a moment without Nature’s support.
It provides us with all the thing we need like freshwater, healthy food.
It also gives us a suitable environment to live life comfortably.
Trees provide us oxygen, fruits, wood and medicines.
The sun gives sunlight which is the biggest source of energy and heat.
The high mountains protect us from storms.
Rivers give us water that is a basic need for all the living organisms.

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An Engaging Essay On Nature In 200 to 300 words For Class 6, 7, And 8

Essay on NATURE 6, 7, 8


Essay on Nature- We all are surrounded by Nature. Whatever we see around us like trees, animals, sun, moon, landscapes, etc. are parts of nature. It is said that things that are not made by humans are parts of nature. But What things are made by humans? It is nothing. Humans only modified natural things and gave them a new shape. So Eventually, everything we see, feel, and experience is Nature. Nature is an amazing blessing from God.

Why is nature important?

First of all, nature has provided us with a suitable environment for living comfortably. It also sustaining every living organism. Nature has created a balanced ecosystem that makes everything interdependent on each other. Also, it has catered every living being on earth with exact need. For example, some trees can grow in coldest environment and others can grow underwater.

From a germ to the largest animal whale is given a suitable environment by Nature. Is not it amazing? If we talk about humans, they are totally dependent on nature to execute their needs be it shelter, food or protection.

The conservation of nature

We, humans, have damaged the nature at a great level. But it is time to press the restore button. The most important step is to stop deforestation that creates an imbalance in the ecosystem. Pollution is another challenge to face. Different types of pollution need to be stopped at all levels.

If we adopt some sort of handy solutions we can make a difference. We should use public transport to cut down a share of increasing pollution. The government must also create some rules and regulations to control the current situation. Awareness can be proved as a very powerful tool to conserve nature.

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In conclusion, nature is an essential part of our lives. It helps us sustain our lives. So it is our duty to protect it from transforming from its real definition. We need to leave the practices of selfish activities so that our future generations can live well.

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An Essay On Nature In 500-600 Words For Class 9 to 12

Essay on Nature class 9, 10, 11, 12

Main Headings of Essay on Nature

  1. Introduction
  2. Importance of nature
  3. Gifts of nature
  4. Beauty of nature
  5. Nature conservation
  6. Final Words (Conclusion)


The word NATURE has a very vast meaning within it. The goal of life is living in agreement with nature. It is an integral and vital part for the living organisms. Nature is nothing but everything we are surrounded by like the air we inhale, the water we drink, the sun, the moon, the landscapes and the list goes to infinity.

Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are. Nature nurtures and nourishes us. It fulfils all the basic needs of living beings. It sustains life and maintains a balance in the environmental ecosystem. In fact, Nature is the best gift from God to us.

Importance of nature

Nature that is in front of us today has been developed 4.5 billion years ago. from the first living being developed, it offered us protection against every kind of damages and harms. Our survival is impossible without the support of nature. If nature can nourish us, it also can bring the greatest destruction for the mankind.

Each and every element of nature like water, trees, animals, moon and son etc are equally significant for us. If one of them goes absent, the life on earth will undergo difficulties. Our breath, our health and our life is fully dependent on nature. Nature has designed the environment according to our need.

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Gifts of nature

Nature has blessed us with a lot of gifts. All our basic needs like air, water, food, and shelter are provided by Nature. Crops and trees help us in the form of fruits, veggies, medicines and wood. The sun that is the greatest source of energy illuminates the earth and so our lives.

To cover our body and protect against adverse effects of weather, we get from nature. The beautiful home we live in is made from natural resources. The list is so long that words will run out of the dictionary. In fact, Nature itself is a gift for us.

Beauty of nature

Nature is intelligent enough to sustain a balance in the environment. Nature’s intelligence is very complex to understand. Even scientists are wordless to explain how nature has systematized everything in the universe. Every element of nature is exceptionally beautiful. The greenery of green lands can mesmerize anyone in seconds.

The view of different types of landscapes looks extremely beautiful. The rainy season decorates the earth even more. The symmetry of butterflies, the spark of a firefly, the formation of the rainbow, the dance of the peacock, the copying attitude of monkeys etc. explains how beautiful nature is. The description of Nature is endless.

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Nature conservation

For the sake of money, we have exploited nature very much. In result, we are putting ourselves in danger. We need to conserve nature let it do its work. Nature’s first function is to make a balance in the environment but gets disturbed when we cut down trees in bulk. Deforestation needs to be stopped as soon as possible.

Different types of pollution are damaging nature’s real worth. We need to control every type of pollution. Furthermore, we need to take care of every form of nature equally because they hold equal significance. Individuals and the government should do their duties for the conservation of nature.

Final Words (Conclusion)

To sum it up, Everything we see around is a form of nature. It is a real supporter of life. But we are not aware of its real value. It is time to understand the importance of nature and conserve it. If we want to assume life on earth for a long time, we need to protect it.

Faq’s- Essay on Nature

What is Nature in simple words?

Words nature or natural is used for the things that are not made by humans and they can not made by humans. For example Sun, Moon, Trees, Mountains, Animals, germs, etc. are natural things.

How to conserve nature?

To conserve nature, we need to stop environmental issues like pollution, deforestation etc.

How to write a short essay on Nature?

Follow some steps
1. Write an engaging introduction
2. Think about some subheadings
3. Arrange the subheading in proper way
4. Write engaging content under subheadings
5. Give a finishing touch in Conclusion.



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