Our website http://essayspeechon.com is an educational website where we publish a range of different types of articles that are very useful for the students studying in classes 1st to 12th standards.
The website caters to a wide range of useful stuff for the students studying in classes 1st to 12th standards.

What we publish

As our site name suggests we generally publish articles based on essays, speeches, applications, letters, etc.


Almost every school and college conduct essay tests to test the ability of understanding and knowledge of their students. This test also tells the level of understanding of a language.


One of the mediums to communicate with someone is to convey your thoughts via your words. And to do this the best way is to write a letter. Whether official or personal, letters are used in almost every field nowadays.


Speech is a way to measure the confidence of a candidate. It is an art to draft a speech before delivering it. Every candidate and student should know this art. And the best way to do that is by observing it from different sources.
Our website provides speeches on different topics and in a unique way. These speeches are written in different styles to make you capable of writing different styles.

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