essay on health is wealth

God gave us the gift of health. A person’s physical and mental state are referred to as their state of health. Maintaining good health is essential to leading a happy life and is not a choice. The fundamental rules of good health have to do with what we eat, how much exercise we do, how clean we keep ourselves, how much rest and relaxation we get. A healthy individual often exhibits higher levels of self-assurance, sociability, and energy. A healthy individual has a neutral, tranquil perspective on everything.


essay on health is wealth
essay on health is wealth

“The Dalai Lama said, “Man! Because he sacrifices his health for money,’ when asked what astonished him most about mankind. Then he makes a financial sacrifice to restore his health. The result is that he does not live in the now or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die and then passes away having never really lived. This is because he is so worried about the future that he does not appreciate the present. This shows that people prioritise their financial well-being over their mental health. Some people even work around-the-clock or on the weekends.

You can choose to maintain equilibrium, though. Hence, each day, strike a balance between your job and your exercise. Constantly make an effort to maintain a happy and focused habit. It’s important to make plans in advance. In any event, one must maintain a healthy mental, physical, and emotional condition. Only if you want to live can a professional or counsellor help you. You are the only one who can never let yourself break apart because of your desire to live in the moment and take advantage of it.

Maintenance of Health: Its Significance

Our time is one of extreme speed. The globe has significantly reduced because to the Internet, and individuals are now always linked. When we attempt to meet our obligations to everyone in life, multitasking is the rule of the day. We frequently neglect to make time for ourselves when engaged in this battle. When the stress levels rise, we may eventually discover that, despite our hectic schedules, we neglected to prioritise our health. This realisation might come in the form of a dramatic breakdown.

We are obliged to keep in mind that “Health is definitely Wealth” while we spend days commuting back and forth between the hospital and our house, subjecting our bodies to test after test in an effort to figure out what is wrong.

Life back then was quite straightforward. Individuals had a great work-life balance and frequently walked to their destinations. They also ate more home-cooked meals and finished their duties on time.

People walk less now that they have automobiles and motorcycles for commuting. People are staying up later and eating more fast food than home-cooked cuisine due to the desire for longer workdays. Modern household appliances have reduced manual labour and increased reliance on them. The average person does not receive enough exercise or sunlight. People today have incredibly unhealthy lifestyles.

Living in unhealthy settings has made it more likely that people would get ailments including obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, and hypertension. This has grave consequences for the foreseeable future. So, it is crucial to place equal emphasis on our health and careers. Our health and body may undoubtedly benefit much from moderation in our eating choices, frequent exercise, and a healthy work-life balance. A person is more successful in life when they maintain good mental and physical health because their behaviours and decisions are more sensible and rational. Also, our personalities are directly impacted by our level of health.

It’s critical to think about your level of self-control if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. According to research, it might be difficult to alter everyday routines and behaviour. The results show that it is very difficult to stop using any substance, whether a person has a habit of smoking, drinking, using drugs, or any other behaviour. According to a survey, just 46% of smokers who attempted to stop succeeded.

The significance of good health

All of the key elements necessary for the body to function properly are present in a healthy body. The status of one’s physical health is a crucial factor. As you keep up a healthy level of physical fitness, your life span increases. You may achieve a sense of wellbeing and even protect yourself from chronic sickness, disability, and early death if you are dedicated to working out and eating a healthy diet.

These are a few advantages of more physical activity.

It makes us healthier

  1. It makes the heart and lungs more effective.
  2. A healthy stroll can lower cholesterol levels.
  3. Vigorous exercise builds muscle.
  4. Blood pressure is lowered.
  5. It lowers the chance of serious conditions including diabetes and heart disease.

Enhancement of Well-Being

  1. It promotes the production of additional energy.
  2. It lessens levels of stress.
  3. Sleep quality gets better.
  4. It supports the growth of stress-resilience skills.
  5. It improves mental acuity.

Better Appearances

  1. Losing weight helps you build a good body.
  2. Muscles that are toned produce greater energy.
  3. Good posture makes us seem better.

More social interaction

  1. It boosts one’s self-esteem
  2. It makes it easier to meet new people.
  3. It enhances the chances of participating in an activity with friends or family.

increased endurance

  1. An increase in output.
  2. Improvements in physical capacity.
  3. Fewer injury incidents.
  4. Enhanced resistance to mild diseases.

A healthy mind is just as important to wellbeing as physical fitness. The term “mental health” refers to a person’s emotional and psychological status. Being upbeat and practising meditation are the greatest ways to keep your mental health in excellent shape.

The body, however, need rest at regular intervals, unlike a machine. The body needs six to seven hours of sleep every night to operate at its best. A balanced diet and drinking enough of water are also crucial for your health. It will result in a variety of illnesses including hypertension, heart attacks, and other grave diseases if you break the fundamental rules of good health, such as working late hours, skipping physical activity, and consuming junk food.

Why is it called National Health Day?

The annual World Health Day is observed on April 7. In order to raise awareness of global health, the World Health Organization (WHO) held the first World Health Day on April 7, 1950.

The World Health Organization (WHO) develops a brand-new public awareness subject each year, such as “Support Nurses and Midwives” in 2020. This supports the COVID-19 situation, in which medical personnel save lives day and night without thinking about their own health.

The WHO also runs a worldwide health promotion programme to promote equality and encourage people to take charge of their lives because “every life counts” and pay attention to their fitness. At schools, universities, workplaces, and many community activities, the government actively supports a number of health programmes, such as food security, workplace quality, and health literacy.

Kids’ Health is Good

Children must maintain sound mental and physical health. Children are losing the most valuable resource—their health—due to increased academic pressure and overindulgence in contemporary technology. They seldom use playgrounds nowadays, choose junk food more often, and spend more time in front of screens. Their health is steadily being ruined by these bad practises. Parents should focus on their children’s physical and mental health and instill healthy living patterns in them from a young age.

Another important aspect of keeping excellent health is cleanliness. To maintain excellent health, it’s vital to practise routines like taking a daily bath, cleaning your hands before meals, brushing your teeth twice a day, changing your clothing frequently, etc.

The increased use of computers, mobile devices, and the Internet by kids and their parents is causing grim faces in society. They are unaware that these electronic tools may be bad for their health, but they use them all the time. Teens are commonly seen fixated on their electronic gadgets, which leads to accidents.

Electronic gadget use usually causes tension and animosity. These products have been associated with cancer, eyesight loss, weight gain, and sleeplessness when used excessively.

Another important factor that shouldn’t be overlooked is emotional growth; it influences whether or not a person is healthy. A person who is emotionally healthy ought to possess a strong grasp of reality, realisation, and viewpoint.

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Health is Wealth because without it, no amount of money, fame, or power can make us happy. In fact, maintaining good health and fitness is a must, not an option.

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