Essay on Pollution for Students and Children

Kids today know about pollution. Most people now accept that pollution is growing. Pollution is any unwanted ingredient in anything. Pollutants contaminate natural resources, which we call pollution on Earth. Our actions degrade the environment in many ways, causing this. So, this situation requires immediate attention. So, pollution is harming our planet, and we must recognise and stop it. This pollution essay discusses its impacts and ways to reduce it.

Effects of Pollution

More than one may realise, pollution has an impact on one’s quality of life. Sometimes it operates in strange ways that are invisible to the human eye. Nonetheless, the environment contains a lot of it. For instance, even if you can’t see them, natural gases are still there in the air. Similar to this, contaminants that pollute the air and raise carbon dioxide levels are extremely toxic for people. Global warming will result from higher levels of carbon dioxide.

There will be a shortage of drinking water as a result of the pollution of the water caused by industrial growth, religious rituals, and other factors. Human life is not feasible without water. In addition, the manner garbage is disposed of on the ground eventually causes the soil to become poisonous. We won’t have rich soil to cultivate our crops on if land contamination continues to occur at this rate. As a result, major steps must be done to drastically reduce pollution.

Essay on Pollution
Essay on Pollution

How to Reduce Pollution?

One has to start working on avoiding or decreasing pollution as soon as they become aware of its negative impacts. People should use public transportation or carpool to limit vehicle smoke to lessen air pollution. Avoiding firecrackers at festivals and festivities can help reduce air and noise pollution, however it may be difficult. Above all, we need to make recycling a habit. The oceans and land are polluted by the used plastic that finds its way there.

Thus keep in mind to reuse them as long as possible rather than throwing them away after usage. Also, we need to urge everyone to plant more trees, which will clear the air by absorbing noxious pollutants. In order to protect the fertility of the soil, the government must restrict the use of fertilisers. In addition, it must be illegal for businesses to dump rubbish into rivers and the ocean, which pollutes the water.

In conclusion, all forms of pollution are dangerous and have serious repercussions. Everyone, from people to entire sectors, must move towards change. We must work together immediately since solving this issue will need a team effort. In addition, these human actions are taking the innocent lives of animals. Hence, in order to keep our planet pollution-free, we must all take a position and speak up for the voiceless.

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Pollution-related FAQs

Q.1. Which consequences does pollution have?

A.1 Pollution ultimately lowers the standard of living for people. It deteriorates practically everything, including the air we breathe and the water we drink. The natural resources required for a healthy existence are harmed by it.

Q,2. How can pollution be decreased?

A.2 Each of us needs to do our part to lessen pollution. Humans need to plant more trees and carefully digest their garbage. Also, everyone should recycle as much as they can to help the environment.

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